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Great legend has it that those who dare to enter such a tomb do so at their own risk and that those who have have been greatly cursed by the mummy.And although such events are known worldwide and are highly fascinating the hazards and dangers this article will cover are more concerned with the health and safety not only of the visitors who attend such famous sites but also to those people which discover such unique areas of the world which give us great insight in to the world many years ago.For free advice you can visit No Win No Fee Claims Here If the correct health and safety procedures are put in place and those that are working on such sites are clearly aware of all the dangers possible then the correct laws have been followed.

The science behind the finding of an excavation site is very advanced and archaeologists use different tools to find these places.There is no denying that many archaeological sites pose hazards to both those that are working within one or to those people who visit such sites.Archaeologists working on an excavation or archaeological site are aware of the dangers that such sites can contain, anything from underwater wreckages that are in seas which are below freezing and can cause hyperthermia to jungles that have shockingly high temperatures and wild and poisonous animals.An archaeologist is someone who studies the development of the history and also the prehistory of mankind.The distinction of being only relevant to the human history is very important because the study of pre-human life like the dinosaurs etc. The time span that archaeologists cover in their study ranges from the early ages when the first stone tools were used by humans in Africa nearly 4 million years ago to the recent times.

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