Thunderbold dating

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Ask further question and he note the presence of Mage Rakorium at inn and some bandits in the wood (see side quests).

In the middle of market Salina, Queen of Mountebanks need help.

The best armor is a a leather one or Armor of Fire because using spells like Lightness of Body and Ice Cold Warrior your AR rating is 2 or 3 times better in comparation to a mercenary or warrior type. Magic : - Raising attribute potions have additional immunity against spells. - The area damage spells require a long in-game time to cast and affect everyone, friends and enemies alike.

It`s better to concentrate on buffs and a spell who lower the enemy attributes like Corpofrigo or Lightning find you !

There are a couple of missing things (Neisbeck side on A handful of ducats side quest, Praios side in Blood Mountain area, trainers in Blood Mountains, Tallon and Murolosh) who will be included when I finish my spellweaver playthrough. Game Basics (read carefully for better understanding of gameplay) 7. So, move alot and avoid having more than two bad guys behind.

- Click on the quest (journal) and the destination (place, person) will be on the map with a green icon.If the four try fail to, is time to increase those stats.- Pickpocket everyone, especially in the beginning - Have prepared a secondary weapon (bow, throwing weapons), especially for weak characters (rogues, mages) who stay in the back - Without Gladys/Dranor in the party the shaddy characters from Ferdok will ignore you e. Drakensang is based on the Pen and Paper rules, the most important ones mentioned below at game basics. I did and asked myself 20 hours in the game why my dwarf mercenary get wounded so often and what`s that formula when you right click on the attack value. - Be warned - your character will have low vitality (aka health points).- There are no spells who let you paralyze an opponent and attack him while helpless.The close by effect is stopping the enemy in the battle and finishing him after you dust all the other critters.

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