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Kim didn’t like the rustic potatoes, but they didn’t go to waste.They fit well with the rustic vegetables in the Harvest Curry. Albuquerque New Mexico (505) 344-8282 Web Site | Facebook Page LATEST VISIT: 9 December 2017 # OF VISITS: 1 RATING: N/R COST: $$$ BEST BET: Harvest Curry, Butternut Squash Dumplings, The Great Wall of Chocolate, Wok-Fried Filet Mignon, Kung Pao Dragon Roll Every summer, a predictable ritual takes place.Maybe if all steaks were wok-fried at intense heat, her husband might become a convert to the joys of the carnivorous persuasion.The light caramelization on each meaty morsel and the tender, rich smokiness made this skeptic a believer.The TFK Smokehouse is reflective of the creativity formerly on display at her gallery.Once a flatbed trailer sporting stainless steel tables, the Smokehouse underwent a significant make-over.

Then there’s the butternut squash, a sweet-savory blend which seems to bring out the invigorating qualities of aromatic basil and earthy mushrooms.(sliced eight-ounce filet, black pepper butter sauce, rustic potatoes, onion and lime-garlic vinaigrette) beckoned.Born and bred in the City of Big Shoulders (and big pork chops, steaks and ribs), she’s a meat and potatoes aficionado.Many of the display fixtures and racks from the defunct art gallery were repurposed for the truck along with other artistic treasures.The result is a rather unique food truck that belies any stereotypes you may have about food trucks…at least in terms of appearance.

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