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See me in my entirety.’ I think that those dynamics are really present in mixed race relationships where one partner is White and the other is not.And this needs to be responded to with care and consideration.” The confusion that many monocultural parents have when raising mixed race children also adds a layer of complexity that shows up in romantic attachments.

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We often hear about the challenges of interracial couples from a binary cultural narrative, that is, questions are posed to the white partner who has suddenly found himself dating a non-white partner: Or, alternately, there are the historically-laden themes that arise when a person of color decides to date outside of tribe by taking up with a caucasian partner.

An African American woman dating a White male is going to be different than the experiences of, let’s say, that an Asian American woman would have with that same White male because the racial histories and cultural legacies are different.

Not to mention one’s own family history and the way they talked about race plays into it.” It’s high time that we see the conversation around interracial dating expand beyond the simplistic notions of Black folks and White folks coming together to love despite the odds stacked against them to the tune of Wonder’s 1991 hit, Jungle Fever.

People here should be more positive about this fact instead of trying to divide everyone.

Division is not cool, take it from a mixed race kid. I love my white mother, and I love my Japanese dad.

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