Rpg with dating sim elements

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Related note to everybody: Amagami is a great dating sim that plays by Tokimeki Memorial rules. In some ways, it's the closest to Konami's first dating sim than most modern romance games. I'd totally participate if I had gaming sim games other than Harvest Moon. I'd totally participate if I had gaming sim games other than Harvest Moon. Tokimemo Girl's Side and Love Plus are fan-lated, but of course, you need to do "things" to play them.

Originally Posted by Ryouga Saotome It's #Dating Si Month. As for dating sims on Steam, I know there definitely are some VNs on there, they're just kind of buried a bit.

That could also just be me being an English speaker.

Since February is the somewhat official month of romance, what better way to celebrate than with some dating sim games?

This also unlocks different endings for each of the heroines. The battle system of the game is also pretty standard, but has a few niches I liked.

esque sequence and background music that chants, “I want to make love to you.” And then there’s also the dialogue which never explicitly states what goes on in classmating but there’s lots of touching something. Like many RPGs, elements are prominent, and in this game elements are chosen based on the heroine chosen for missions. In , this element is Dusk, which is strong against almost every element with the exception of Light.

These monsters seemingly spawn from Dusk Circles, areas with highly concentrated dusk energy, the source of the monster’s powers.

I know a fair amount of people have been waiting for me to finally make the jump Ha, just finished playing Hakuoki : Memories of the Shinsengumi the other day.

Really good game, though I was surprised at how little romance there actually is in this game (well, it's more like there's not much romance going on until Chapter 5, in general).

If you're using Twitter, Tumblr, or Instagram (or some other newfangled social media that also uses hashtags), please use #Dating Si Month so that I can keep track of your submissions and include them in my weekly compilation posts.

Of course, you're also welcome to submit podcasts or any other critical work to the Game-Along as long as you're talking about dating sims, virtually anything goes!

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