Email etiquette for online dating

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The official word is you always provide a courteous response when someone takes the time to e-mail you. If you join a site to make contacts and encourage communications you then act like a civilized human being and respond when those contacts occur.There is really nothing you can do to change others behavior. If someone you contact doesn’t respond they probably are not the type of guy who shares your beliefs on how to treat others anyway. They are the ones losing out on someone who has manners and courtesy — a desired commodity in any relationship. Treat guys who contact you that you may not be interested in as you would want to be treated if the situation were reversed.I try at least to send a short polite “No, thank you.” when someone contacts me and I’m not interested.Some men do this too, but more often than not, they just don’t bother to write back.

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With that said, again, don’t make this about you — it is about them!Well, unfortunately, you are apparently more courteous that most.For these guys to think they are above reply to another human being who has shown interest in them reflects a lack of humility.If you put yourself out there to encourage contacts, you should at the very least offer the common courtesy of a response.After all, if someone introduced us (out in the real world), the guy would show some semblance of politeness.

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