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Finicum was shot three times after he reached for the loaded nine-millimeter pistol strapped to his chest.Finicum’s family and friends had every right to call his death a great loss and sorrow – he was by many accounts a hardworking father and foster father to dozens of children. The national media seemed flummoxed by the racial messaging coming out of these anti-public lands events.Out flew a barrage of bigotry about how blacks today might be better off still locked in chains and picking cotton.If there’s a worthy case against public lands, it ought to be made without a whiff of racism.The men spoke on different days and they hammered on the threat public lands posed to white society.Our nation’s more than 600 million acres of national parks, forests, grasslands, wildlife refugees and Native American reservations held in trust by the federal government were, we heard, tools of the United Nations to keep whites from having a sanctuary…or something.His supporters took to the downtown strip of tiny, windblown Burns, Oregon and also chanted “hands up, don’t shoot.” That right there, to use a phrase making the rounds right now, is some white appropriation.The thirteen males and one woman ages twelve to 44 mourned by BLM to that point had been unarmed (with the exception of seventeen-year-old Chicagoan La Quan Mc Donald who reportedly had a three-inch knife, and was shot sixteen times).

During the war he formed an alliance with Wyoming Senator Frank Barrett, who advanced legislation to sell off tens of millions of acres of national forests and national grasslands as well as to destroy Grand Teton National Park. When he cursed them behind closed doors, anti-Semitic slurs dribbled from his lips. Many were hounded by the committee’s interrogations about potential Communist sympathies, and by extreme new probes regarding physical health and past associations, which Mc Carran forced Immigration and Naturalization Services to conduct.People with different skin tones having babies, we heard, was like different species of animals being mated.The example I remember is the old trope about donkeys and horses, but to check my memory after twenty years I reached out to others in the class and heard it might have been pintail and mallard ducks.We also heard that the swastika had been unfairly maligned because to some people it signifies a blessing.What surprised me most though, was the bile that welled up in my guts at our sex ed lesson.

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